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  • Mojgan

    Indeed a great story, having been there with the late Marian Shelton when she ctmimtoed suicide who was the champion of POW/MIA wives, and a dear friend for over 10 years and knowing we must Never Forget out captured and missing military personnel. Her husband Col. Charles Shelton was the last officially listed POW of the Viet Nam War she and her children fought for all POW’s/MIA’s and we all need to honor all those still unaccounted for and keep the families in prayers always. I found her shot to death in her San Diego home along with MIA Lt. Commander Dennis S. Pike’s daughters that fateful evening the trauma and shock still hurts to this day. Keep all the children of these missing and captured men. I wrote the book BOHICA and dedicated it to the Shelton family so let us NOT FORGET.

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